The Rise of the Robots

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The Relevance

Currently our most read nonfiction title, The Rise of the Robots unpacks the rapid progress of the AI revolution and has become, definitively, the must-read title of the genre. Not only are Martin Ford’s hypotheses diligently researched, convincing, accessible, and couched in elegant prose – they are almost completely inarguable and are required reading for all professionals, especially those concerned with strategy, HR, and innovation. Readers are challenged to think creatively in the face of this brave new information, and construct a world in which human labour – and in particular the middle classes –can remain necessary and valuable.

The Story

We are in love with robots. They help us work, they entertain us, they bring the impossible to life. But soon, uncomfortably soon, might we be negotiating a slightly more uncomfortable relationship with these ubiquitous helpers? That is the question Martin Ford asks in his stunning book about the future of automation – and the future of humanity in general. It is no surprise to anyone that supermarket checkouts no longer require humans, or that you can deliver a package using a drone, but in this book, thanks to Ford’s extensive research, we learn not only about robots that are holding lectures and carrying out an array of process-based work, but about their creative cousins who are composing symphonies, writing novels, and painting emotive tapestries. They are the more disconcerting branch of the robotic family.

In his comprehensive investigation into how our lives will continue to be moulded by robots, Ford covers:

  • The plateauing job market
  • Historical fears of automation
  • IT as a disruptive force
  • The risk to white-collar jobs
  • Higher education’s vulnerability
  • The possibilities and risks that the healthcare industry will encounter
  • Industries of the future
  • The vital tie between growth, demand, and consumers
  • The Singularity
  • A new economic paradigm

The Creator

One of the most notable futurists of Silicon Valley and a New York Times bestselling author, Martin Ford is an obsessive expert on artificial intelligence and the robot revolution. He is not only interested in the impact of technology on the work place and the economy, but society and human relations as a whole. And he doesn’t just write about this brave new age, he helped create it. With almost three decades of experience in software development under his belt it’s safe to say that he knows what he is talking about.

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