The Pigeon In The Press


“A German and UK co-production, founded by Anna Jean Hughes and Jacob Cockcroft just over a year ago, the service aims to appeal to a global audience who enjoy some serial to start their day.” | Monocle

“In conversation with each other, the letters link the old news with the new. They leak word from inside not a single crisis, but a nexus of geopolitical and cultural events, that – for the usual purposes of the news – must be teased apart and simplified for consumption.” | The Times Literary Supplement

“We are all one handed readers now.” | The Bookseller

“Hughes is the public face of The Pigeonhole, a website and app that has been deservedly drawing attention to itself thanks to quality serialized fiction and non-fiction, great design, and timely subjects.” | Publishing Perspectives

“The Pigeonhole looks to marry the old with the new by creating a global book club. You can read with complete strangers or create your own private group, while The Pigeonhole serialises books (called ‘staves’) so it can fit into even the busiest lifestyles.” | Clarity