The Stranger Things Bingers Reading List

Just binge-watched Stranger Things? Here are your reading fixes to get you through until next season!

Paper Girls, Brian K. Vaughan

This has been on a few Stranger Things-inspired lists, and for good reason. It starts with an amazing 80s feel – the outfits, the colouring, the atmosphere – and follows some kickass girls who have to deal with extreme sci-fi drama in a town suddenly devoid of adults.

There are some serious Stranger Things vibes here, and the incredibly quick pace will have you flying through faster than a flying bicycle. The downside is that it’s also written in instalments so you will have to wait AGAIN. (I am currently in this position and it is hard, but luckily the next few books on the list will sort us all out!)

Zoo City, Lauren Beukes

Lauren Beukes’ urban fantasy/sci-fi blend, based in a eerie version of Johannesburg, is sure to get get your creepy senses tingling. The book is seedy and full of animals: a great combination. It has won the Arthur C. Clarke Award, among others, and is an exemplary piece of South African science fiction.

It’ll pique your interest if you loved Stranger Things for the world-building within our own world, playing on real themes and issues but splicing them into the realm of sci-fi.

Stranger Things Happen, Kelly Link

Well, the title certainly resounds with Stranger Things, but there is more to it than that. Kelly Link is a masterful short story writer, her recent collection earning her a Pulitzer nomination. Her stories will send shivers down your spine. They expertly combine fantasy and science fiction in a way that I think is echoed in the Netflix series.

Kelly Link is also very nice in my opinion. Which may be influenced by the fact that she put this collection up on Creative Commons so that we could all read it for free. Thanks Kelly!

The Body, Stephen King

Often remembered for its movie adaptation, Stand By Me, this novella is a Stephen King staple. It has to be included in the list because we all know King is, well, the king of horror, suspense and all-round weird feels.

But it also riffs on four boys setting out to find a body, which pangs of the boys on bicycles in Stranger Things.

Roller v2

Scaremongrel, Various

Naturally we had to include our collection of curdling tales in the mix. Scaremongrel is a series of short stories that are sure to get you shivering. It includes work from horror veterans Guy Adams and Tim Lebbon and a host of talented scare-mongers.

Sliding across genres with ease, peak ‘NO DON’T GO IN THERE’ moments nestle nicely alongside burnt-into-your-brain memories such as Will going into that shed.

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