How I Write, by A.K. Benedict

a-k-benedict-candleI write in various places – cafes, bars, libraries – but my favourite place to work is my study. It is filled with mannequins, clowns, a ventriloquist’s dummy, my Doctor Who collection, Ray Bradbury quotes, a coffin full of indie perfume oils, various Pop! Bobbleheads, Lego, toppling manuscripts and shelves and shelves of books. I read in an old red armchair with my dog on my lap, candles lit and incense burning – much like a lazy, pyjama-clad wizard.

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Founder of The Pigeonhole on the serialized future of books


There’s nothing better than getting lost in a good book, right? Not anymore. We live in a world of distraction, one in which information comes in a digestible digital format – to our computers, our tablets, our phones, and soon, our watches. The traditional publishing model has been forced to adapt, shifting its focus from the physical and so creating space for a crop of new reading platforms like Oyster, Scribd and Glose. Some believe that this has made publishers redundant – cutting out the middleman and offering a sense of autonomy through the e-book model. Yet what we are left with is an unfiltered sea of potential masterpieces. The online shop front is a murky, disorientating place.

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