The Coolest Thing In Publishing: How To Set Up A Pigeonhole Book Club In Just 2 Minutes


  1. You’re all set. You’ve downloaded the app (Android coming soon), had a browse through The Pigeonhole library and picked a book. You’ve gone for the short story collection Don’t Try This At Home, by Angela Readman. Good choice. Tap the book cover to continue.


2. The book page shows you how many instalments – called staves – the book has, the price of the book and how long it takes to read each stave. To set up your book club, tap READ WITH FRIENDS.


3. Enter your book club name (PRO TIP: you can use emoticons), then just tell us the date you’d like to start reading and how often you’d like to receive staves. Tap NEXT.

IMG_00354. Then it’s a confirm screen with a quick summary. If you’ve made a mistake or want to change something, you can just go back. If everything looks good, then tap CONFIRM.


5. Many of our books are free, but Don’t Try This At Home is £4.99, so in this case you would need to enter your Apple ID password and tap OK.


6. Then tap Buy.

IMG_00387. Ta-dah! You’ve set up your book club. Now you just need some other people to read with. Tap INVITE FRIENDS TO JOIN.


8. We’ve made it easy to invite friends via email, text, Facebook or Twitter. Pick your channel and a message will pop up with a link to join your book club. You can edit the message first, of course. Choose Mail / Message / Facebook / Twitter. 


Here’s what it looks like on text.


Once your invites are out, you can check back in on how many people have joined your book club by either visiting the book page on the website, or by going to your bookshelf in the app and pressing the little circle with three dots inside.

Pigeonhole Book Club

And that’s it. As you read, you can save your favourite bits and leave thoughts for your friends that only your book club will see.

Have fun, and if there are any books you’d love to see in our library, just @ us on Twitter and use the hashtag #pigeonholebookclub. 

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