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‘An ingenious and atmospheric first novel, inspired by the discovery of a mysterious library lost deep in the English countryside, and vibrating with the literary and musical echoes of late Romanticism.’
Richard Holmes, author of Coleridge and The Age of Wonder

Few things go together as well as a good book and good chocolate. That’s why we’re giving away a Cocoa Runners gift box to the first 10 people to read and review The Sacred Combe, an exceptional debut by Thomas Maloney centred around the ancient library and troubled family history of an isolated manor house. Full of secondhand tomes and literary resonances, this novel is a book-lover’s dream.

We are serialising The Sacred Combe in collaboration with publishers Scribe UK, and there are 200 free slots up for grabs – and going quickly. All we ask in return is a quick Goodreads review or rating at the end of the serialisation. And if you’re one of the first to send us the link to your review, we’ll send you chocolate. What’s not to love?

Sign up for free and get reading from 2 June.

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