Eat Sweat Play

How can women reclaim their bodies and combat daily inequality whilst having fun? According to the author of Eat Sweat Play Anna Kessel: through sport.

For too long women have been told to stay off the pitch, but in her new book, Anna Kessel calls on women across the world to create a sporting role for themselves – to join the games that they have been left out of. The change starts now.

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Interview with book designer Jonathan Pelham

We love putting a spotlight on the publishing industry. To that end, we spoke to designer Jonathan Pelham. As both a freelancer and a senior designer with 4th Estate, Jonathan has designed covers for books by all sorts of authors, from F. Scott Fitzgerald to Molly Antopol.

How did you get into designing book covers?

I started off as a cover art worker, which involved doing things like taking in corrections and preparing artwork for print. I was only supposed to be there four months to help shift a backlog of work but somehow managed to make myself indispensable and ended up staying five years and being promoted to junior designer.

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’Tis the time of year when everyone gets enthusiastic about lists. And, frankly, we are no different – we love a good list. Especially when it’s a list of books. So to prep you for the ‘Best of 2016…’ season, we’ve curated our very own listicle. Here are the best places to go for your best-of book lists as the year draws to a close!


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Ferrante, celebrity culture and the literary scene


When I started reading Ferrante, I didn’t know that the writer was working under a pseudonym. I didn’t really care, either. I read some of her work, loved it, and eventually her identity piqued my interest – largely because I heard some rumour that the author was in fact male. But really, like many other readers, I didn’t care or mind who Ferrante really was – though I did hope she was a woman!

Claudio Gatti did his digging and has, apparently, discovered the identity of Ferrante, which has caused an uproar – he’s been chastised by the literary community and  across the press. Some people, however, are more concerned by the public takedown of Gatti than by his revelation of who Ferrante might really be.

Both stances are reflective of the age of celebrity that we inhabit.

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Meet the New Pigeon: Charlotte

Charlotte Heather is our newest team member, taking the role of Community Manager. She explains what drew her to The Pigeonhole.


Because a novel is the only place in the world where two strangers can meet on terms of absolute intimacy. The reader and the writer make the book together.’

– Paul Auster, The Paris Review


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