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The Spy, The Renegade, The Rogue

The Spy, The Renegade, The Rogue is the debut thriller by Robert de Casares on The Pigeonhole

The Relevance

While the majority of company book clubs we run focus on the pressing issues of the political and business world, often companies are keen to help colleagues wind down and escape from the day-to-day pressures of professional life. Promoting a reading culture can help to create empathy between colleagues, as well as improving levels of happiness and productivity. Introducing books that go beyond the transmission of topical ideas and arguments, and engage readers on an emotional and human level, can have huge effects on the wellbeing of companies and their employees.

One of our new fiction titles, The Spy, The Renegade, The Rogue, works perfectly as a company book club book. It’s fun, interesting and fast-paced, but also provides great historical insightful into Russia and Europe during the Cold War period. Written by a former spy, Robert de Casares, the story follows a double dealing agent who ends up trapped between a rock and a hard place – to be more specific: the KGB and Her Majesty’s Secret Service. You can check out our public serialisation starting Monday.

The Story

This Cold War espionage thriller, teeming with betrayal, duplicity, duty, love and espionage, is based on a true story. With the world order changing rapidly in the late 1980s, the KGB plants a double agent at the heart of British Intelligence. Just as they are at their most vulnerable, the West is spared by the collapse, in 1991, of the mighty Soviet Union. Abandoned by his homeland the agent is forced to stay on, executing treacherous missions on behalf of Her Majesty’s Secret Service. What never leaves him, however, is his desire for revenge on the KGB bosses who betrayed him. Nor have they forgotten him or the potentially lethal secrets he knows. The spy becomes the hunted.

The Creator

Fresh new voice on the spy-thriller scene Robert de Casares makes his debut with this rip-roaring story of espionage and skulduggery. With a background in the secret services himself, the story hums with authenticity and intrigue. Coming from a mixed family with a multi-cultural background, Robert de Casares has a BA and MA in International Relations, International Law, Modern Languages, and History. After starting his career at the height of the Cold War as a government employee, he had numerous overseas postings and travelled extensively around the world as a special consultant on security issues. He is now retired and lives in Europe with his family.

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