’Tis the time of year when everyone gets enthusiastic about lists. And, frankly, we are no different – we love a good list. Especially when it’s a list of books. So to prep you for the ‘Best of 2016…’ season, we’ve curated our very own listicle. Here are the best places to go for your best-of book lists as the year draws to a close!


Goodreads Most Popular Books Published in 2016

This is a great list for readers, writers, publishers and Christmas-present purchasers alike. It is based purely on the popularity each book has had on Goodreads – no individual human has shaped this list to reflect their own personal tastes. But we still think it’s worth having a good old gander at this one, especially if you like drinking games and want to do a shot every time you see the world ‘girl’ (please drink responsibly!)

Books We Loved 2016 by The New Yorker

Books We Loved 2015 came out on December 15th last year so we would expect a similar date for The New Yorker’s 2016 round-up. Last year’s list featured the picks of various contributors to the magazine, some offering one book, some many. This in-depth list will offer you considered opinions about the titles (even if you don’t agree with them).

LitHub’s Best Books of 2016

LitHub’s list last year was also published in mid December. There will likely be overlap with The New Yorker list, but we love the succinctness and simple layout of the LitHub one – great insight and a diverse range of titles.

New Statesman’s Books of the Year: authors on their favourite books of 2016

The New Statesman has quite a few ‘Books of the Year’ lists, including the NS team’s picks and the favourites of politicians. But, arguably the best is the list of books chosen by authors. Especially as it features the choices of Pigeonhole favourites like Eimear McBride, Joanna Walsh and Olivia Laing! This 2016 list already exists – so GET READING!

The Guardian’s Best Crime Thriller Books of 2016

This one is for the crime-thriller fans, of which there are a lot of at The Pigeonhole! We’d expect to see the Guardian’s roundup of crime thrillers published in the next few weeks – last year’s came out in early December. This list offers a smorgasbord of crime fiction and thrillers, some hugely popular (see last year’s mention of Girl on the Train) and some lesser known, from a host of publishers large and small. Definitely worth a look for crime-fiction fans, and there may be something in there for those that don’t normally read the genre.

We hope this adds lots of fuel to the fire of your December reading (or Christmas shopping) lists!

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